moscow festival ensemble A RUSSIAN SOUVENNIR

The Moscow Festival Ensemble was founded in 1989. Some of Russia’s best musicians are part of the ensemble. The ensemble’s repertoire consists of Russian folk-music and works of Russian and foreign composers.
In 1990 and 1991 the Moscow Festival Ensemble, led by Marcel Verhoeff, recorded two very successfull CDs. The ensemble has been permanently connected to the DonkosakenChor Russland since 1993.
Besides the concerts, TV-productions and CD-recordings, the Moscow Festival Ensemble has a very busy concert agenda. Tours through the United States, France, Portugal and other countries are planned yearly. The musicians always receive praise from both the press and audiences.
In January 1999 the Moscow Festival Ensemble together with bariton Jevegny Polikanin gave a very successfull concert in the Carnegie Hall in New York. TO READ MORE GO THERE.


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