SOMETHING VERY RARE AND SPECIAL FOR THIS DAY ON THIS NICE BLOG FOR „FORGOTTEN RARITIES“ OF THE WORLD AND THE BALKANS — performing for you LIVE, Bora Roković on piano, Lala Kovačev on drums, Ack Van Royen on sax and Branko Maksimović on bass on a very first recording which I have taken in SKC in Belgrade very long ago in 2001. IT was maybe the last performance of great two friends Lala Kovačev and Bora Roković, two legends of YUGOSLAV JAZZ. I was just a begginer in recording concerts „from the hand“ those days.



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Blogging about music, YUGOSLAVIA, archiecture, old gramophones, recordings and other stuff like LPs, Lps, cassettes, VHS all about former great YUGOSLAVIA

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